1990 T3 Multivan Westfalia Makeover

I found this lovely T3 multivan in Germany that was in great condition but a little unloved. It had been a bit of a miss match of parts but had some nice parts fitted.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  For a 20>yr old bus this showed great potential for a super straight bus.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Not a lot of room on the way back for a sleep! full of parts.


And it was rude not to stop off on the way back through Brugge for some refreshments!



Anyway! Back in the UK then restoration time.


From blackberry 058 From blackberry 059 From blackberry 060  No welding needed. Small amount of car park damage. lower front panel faultless. As you can see, the sides are as new!


And then build up ready for the road trips!

From blackberry 061From blackberry 063bertie3


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