VW LT Westfalia Florida 1990 Restoration

Osf  Nsr  Nsf

Panels will hopefully be coming from Asiormax from the brickyard forum but weve got to get her back first to make the list!


Front end fittings removed

Arrive back to the WSUK workshops and front end MET fittings removed ready for panel removal.


Left front corner seam corrosion


Front right corner corrosion


Complete outer front off revealing a little more corrosion than expected to the upper front panel reinforce


Closer look at front panel reinforce. Or at least where used to be!


All the way across!


Lower front cross member needs a little TLC


Crazy areas of corrosion really, although now ready for the media blast & fabrication


Rear of cross member cut out and media blasted to remove any trace of corrosion before new fabricated plate fitted.


Media blasted and ready for fabricated back plate.


2mm mild steel plate fabricated and shaped to match contours. MAG welded and weld thru primer used as anti corrosion inside box section ready for top section.


Top plates first fold completed. Had to be have slit ground out to accommodate longitudinal curve.


Shrinker used to remove slight bow on first fold.


Both swage lines put into new top section. Weld thru primer applied and tacked in position


MAG Pulse welded around and welds dressed.


Welds dressed. Its a shame you don’t see any of the swage lines when the front bumpers on! Still to complete the spot welding on top joint and small amount of stopper to complete repairs prior to refinishing.


Our small but very handy Snap on media blaster on the inner front corner panels to remove surface rust on both sides and rust spots on inner bulkhead panel.


small areas media blasted and then coated with Wurth rust treatment solution just incase there’s any we missed!


Wurth corrosion treatment applied just to hold prior to fitting exterior panels when they arrive.

rust on front

OWCH! need to cut this section out in one piece so as to make a template. VERY CAREFULLY DONE!

rust section

Section cut out. This contains windscreen aperture inner & outer box section

cut and cleaned

Rust sections cut out & cleaned. Dash had to be unscrewed and pulled back as inner aperture was also corroded. Next media blast remaining surface corrosion and new sections to be made.


inner section tacked

Inner windscreen aperture fabricated in 2mm steel and MAG tacked into position.

windscreen ap

Fabricated inner windscreen aperture panel shrunken to form curve of both windscreen & outer panel

outer box

Outer box section fabricated and stretched to form windscreen curve and resistance spot welded in position (fewer spot welds used on this panel due to the outer front panel will be welded also)

outer box section top

Outer box section trimmed at edges as the original lines. Inner box media blasted and zinc weld thru primer applied.


Fabricated front of box section with curve ends. Stretched & shrunken to fit


Inside box section zinc primed and front section fitted & tacked


Complete front box section cleaned, welded & complete ready for front panels


Complete front section positioned. Weld thru primer applied. Spot welded/MAG welded ready for 1st fit.


Panels welded prior to fitting as there’s no way your getting in when fitted!


1st fitting of panels went well. Some minor tweeks to grind. Panels will be refinished in white prior to fitment for corrosion protection.


Inside front panels etch primed, wet on wet & topcoated prior to fitting


Folded edges finished and ready for preparation for topcoat


All welds to be finished and ground ready for application of primers & topcoats


Pretty happy with the swage lines and just requiring a little panel beating & stopper


Panel joints stoppered and prepped ready for etch primer & high build primer.


Full frontal etched & high build primer applied. all sealed up and ready for topcoat.


Ahh painted ready for the polish & build up


Nearly ready for the holidays! New green tint windscreen fitted.


Wiper motor never worked when I picked it up so thought I’d take it off for an inspection. Due to all the corrosion on the front panel the motor had seized due to the water!


A bit of TLC and abrasive paper and she’s as good as new.


First part of resto completed and First trip down Cornwall in the LT. Went like a dream, Great!





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